What is the Mystic Sunless Spray Tan?
          Mystic Sunless Spray is a booth that uses a sweeping side to side, up and down spray technology to ensure full even coverage of self tanner. In 4 - 6 hours you will have a beautiful streak-free, natural looking tan. Choose from 3 different cartridge colors, Light, Medium or Dark.

How Long Does The Color Last?
          The Mystic will last depending on each persons skin type. Dryer skin will hold the color approximately 3 - 4 days. Moisturized skin will hold the color approximately 5 - 7 days. The key to making your spray tan last longer is moisturizing your skin everyday!

How Long Does It Take?
          You are in the booth getting sprayed for approximately 3 minutes, however since the solution is a clear formula you will not see any color results for at least 4 - 6 hours.

Will The Color Rub Off On My Clothes?
          No! The Mystic Tan uses a bronzer free clear mist solution. If you wish to add a cosmetic bronzer, you may add a bronzer additive.

Mystic Spray Tan FAQ's

Sunless Tips...

1). For best results, arrive with clean exfoliated skin

2). Shave the day prior to getting the Mystic done.

3). Avoid using any moisturizers or oil-based products on the day of your mystic tan, also avoid any makeup foundation.

4). Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes.

5). Plan to wait at least 6 hours after doing the mystic before getting your skin wet.